About me

muqarramshandmade about me

Ever since I remember my life,  there is an artist  in me who is highly sensitive towards emotions and attracted towards nature, wildlife and colors. Crafting and fine arts has been my passion since I was a kid.

After 24 years of doing what I was supposed to do (completing education, doing household work and get married someday...) I decided to take over my life and turn my hobby into profession.

It all started in 2012 when i was studying and doing fashion designing course when my father gave me my first android phone and I was introduced to youtube by my brother. I still remember his words that ‘’YOU WILL FIND THE ENTIRE WORLD ON YOUTUBE’’ and voila I actually found an entire different world  and still traveling.

During my trip I realized that I am a blessed girl who has tremendous creativity hiding inside, and being a handmade artist was a happiness for me. I learnt that the only thing I posses with real value is time and that it is extremely important what I do with it.

My mom being my idol from the day i was born is a beautiful crafter and I feel blessed that her  talent is further passed over to me.

I am a born piscean who is a quick learner and highly passionate towards Handmade life and I truly believe in the  quote that ‘’God gave you hands, Make handmade’’.

I am a compassionate person who is adaptable to situations and people and sometimes over sensitive towards others life and feelings but hey, that's a part of me and I love being ‘’ME’’. I love cats, and cats play a big role in my life. Meow…

As a crafter I am involved into various techniques like beading, macrame, wirework, crocheting, fine arts, string art, smocking, sewing, sculpting  etc and lots more to learn.

Muqarram's Handmade is my dream project since its based on my moms name “Muqarrama’’. All my imagination, love, creativity, sensitiveness, passion, love for wildlife and nature and devotion towards life reflects in my work.

My goal is to make other people feel and look beautiful and unique and spread love.

For that, I focus in creating unique products and  designs using good quality materials.