About us


Buying gift in this competitive and busy era is always chaotic. There are so many identical things already available in the market that the present lacks a special touch to it. Then there are hundreds of other things to take into consideration like will the receiver like the gift, or already have something like this or will it suit their style and skin.?? Our owner Aasifa Shaikh found herself stuck in the same scenario where she wanted something special on her birthday and almost everyone gifted her something she already had or something that didn't suit her style and sensitive skin. Being a creative person, she made a piece of jewelry out of beads and a bag from macrame which was very highly appreciated by others and people started to ask her to make something unique for themselves. She saw potential in the market where there are people who want to buy something special and one of kind for their loved ones and this is how Muqarrams Handmade came into existence. .

Every single product on the website is purely handmade by Aasifa Shaikh only. We are now dealing in a variety of products which are all inspired by nature and wildlife as our owner is an animal lover. Most of our products are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated as its making procedure is all natural. Our basic style is bohemian and unique, a little Gordy but iconic. Choose from a variety of products and make your style gorgeous. Shopping with us is easy and fun and our team is always on hand to assist with any customer support and queries, and we guarantee the best shopping experience every time. .

What About Us

Muqarrams Handmade Focuses on three things.

We believe in delivering one of a kind and unique products which are hard to recreate.
You will see a hint of nature in all our products.
All the products are handcrafted with lots of love and care.